Thursday, 31 January 2013

Chinatown and N2 Extreme Gelato

I'm not very good at starting off my posts, as you may have already noticed, so I'm just going to jump straight into it.

Chinatown was the destination for lunch and in the Sussex Centre building, there's a great range of Asian eateries once you head up the escalators. It can be a nightmare for someone as indecisive as me to decide what to have for lunch. Actually, make that a nightmare for the people I'm with. I knew I wanted to spare some room for gelato from N2, which I had been hoping to try for quite some time, so I shared a dish instead.
Okay, so that probably just looks like gloop on a plate and me trying to persuade you that this was actually a pretty fine dish would probably do better without that photo, but ah heck, I'm including it anyway. My mum's choice was the fried noodle with beef and scrambled egg, one of their specials for the day, at $9.80, I think. It might look ... not-so-tasty to put it nicely, but I really enjoyed this, probably eating more than my share of it. The beef was tender, soft and not chewy, while the 'wok breath' that's not so easily attained at home, was noticeable, I thought. I have to remind you at this point though that I'm no expert - to someone more discerning, this may have been some less than ordinary stir fry, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My sister had the kaarage chicken from Motto. She happily nommed down her dish. The little bits of chicken tasted like nuggets to me.

After more walking around, the heat bore down on us, so cold drinks were in order!
We had a coffee milk tea with pearls and a lychee shaved ice, which both worked very well to cool us down. We all preferred the lychee one with its lovely sweetness and refreshing taste.
We also headed to Market City to take some photos at the free photo booth. With some Christmas-inspired props in hand, it was a lot of fun taking happy snaps and waiting in the queue also proved entertaining when we read through some of the Christmas wishes posted up by people.

I'm sorry to break it to you, but if your wish is a 99.99 ATAR, it won't happen - maybe 99.95 will be good enough? There also seemed to be quite a few Pokemon-related ones or wishes to do with celebrities.
Next stop was gelato!

With much of their range seemingly Christmas-inspired, I was keen to try something like Gingy's Limbs (gingerbread and spiced milk gelato) or the fruit mince pie one, but my sister went for the mango sorbet instead. You definitely couldn't say they were stingy with the flavour - the mango taste was strong and something like this on a hot summer's day is bliss. It was a beautiful colour too and the gelato (sorbet?) was quickly demolished by all of us. I hope to come back next time to try one of their more quirky flavours!

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