Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Catching up: Ichi-ban Boshi and Lindt cafe

It was a while since I'd caught up with one of my good buddies, who we shall henceforth call Henstep, and after we sorted out the details and a time and place was set, we ventured out to the city to meet up, hoping to work out what we wanted for lunch when we got there.
As we ambled around, we encountered some freebies  - I feel so lucky recently! A new frozen yoghurt place was opening up in Westfields called 'Yogurt World' and I happily grabbed a sample - coconut-flavoured, it was nice and refreshing.
Henstep was hinting at Lindt cafe for lunch as we continued to walk around, craving some chocolatey goodness, but my previous experience with The Chocolate Room meant I was less inclined to have something sweet for lunch. He politely offered to eat someplace else, but you couldn't ignore that look on his face people get, for example, when they graciously say "No, no, you take the last slice of pizza.", but are secretly hoping you decline, so as to remark "Ah, okay, if you insist - I guess I will take the last slice." With that, we placed the order, then eased ourself into the cushy seats and lounge of Lindt cafe.

The place wasn't too busy and service was friendly and pretty quick. A serve of their waffles was ordered, with a side of strawberries, totalling $19.50. I think the berries added another $3.50 to the $16 waffles.
I couldn't help but sneak a few bites and man, oh man, the ice-cream was beautiful. You could see the little specks of vanilla and it didn't melt so quickly. I don't necessarily think this is a characteristic of good ice-cream though, but it definitely means that you can take a bit more time to enjoy your waffle before the ice-cream becomes one soppy, gooey mess. Perhaps this was due to the cool weather though, rather than the ice-cream itself, but I doubt it. (Sorry, there's a part of me that wants to be as even and fair as possible when comparing places, so I can't help but consider different circumstances and factors. It must be irritating to read.)
Having finished there, we continued to amble around, taking in sights and just chatting. With the lunch-time crowds dissipating, we settled on Ichi-ban Boshi for Henstep's second round of lunch (with all the walking we did, he pretty much worked up his hunger again) and my first tasting of this Japanese noodle place. I'd seen it a couple of times on my way to Kinokuniya and it always looked bustling and busy, usually with a queue stretching out, but at the time we went, we didn't have to wait for seats.
Tokyo ramen: Soy-sauce soup with egg, roast pork and vegetables ($9.90)

I ordered the Tokyo Ramen, upon the recommendation of the waitress. I was really pleased with the dish - the noodles still had some bite and the broth was flavoursome and warm, great for the cool weather. I wish the other half of the egg came with it though.

Karaage set: Deep-fried chicken in special marinade, rice, salad and miso soup ($12.50)

Henstep went for the Karaage set and I was eyeing his chicken, secretly hoping that he would declare himself too full and offer me a piece, but he happily gobbled up his meal. The dollop of mayonnaise was so cute too. A caffe latte was ordered as well, and Henstep gave nods of approval.

With our tummies full, we left. It was a day of good food, made better by the company of a friend. As a side note, there have been no replies to my question about pizzas in my previous post, so please take a look if you have the time and comment if you have a suggestion.
Also, I just want to send my well wishes to everyone receiving their HSC results today. I hope you all achieve what you have worked towards for these past years! But if not, there are still so many opportunities out there, so look to the future and consider your many options.
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