Wednesday, 5 December 2012

10. Ajisen Ramen

After a friend had visited this place and enjoyed his vegetarian dish, he gathered a bunch of us to try it out as well. 
 Various dishes ordered including udon noodles, chicken kaarage and a bento box.

Spicy ribs don (special) with complementary miso soup ($10.95)
It took so long for me to decide what to order, so thank you to the patience of the waiter (although technically it's in their name to wait...).
The ribs were fairly nicely fried, with a crispy outside, but I found the spiciness of them a bit lacking. This wasn't too much of a problem for me, though for others looking for something with a bit more punch, this wouldn't be it. Rather, there was one particular part that I ate which was quite hot, so perhaps the spices weren't mixed properly in the batter? The miso soup was nice to sip on before and after the meal.

Friends found their orders to be average, and one thought that their bento box was over-priced in comparison to Menya Mappen's dishes. 
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