Wednesday, 28 November 2012

7. Recent tidbits

Top to bottom, left to right:
1. Strawberry macaron from D'ough Espresso
2. Constructing the Christmas tree in the city
3. Adorable animal doorstoppers (if I remember correctly)
4. Miniature cupcakes from D'ough Espresso
5. Government house
6. Nanoblock figures

I mentioned before that I'd be summarising the past weeks/days with photos rather than words, but these photos are sort of just snapshots of things I've found interesting along the way. 
I'm very, very slowly learning about photo templates, blogger templates and some HTML to keep up this blog. Who knew there was so much effort behind all of those beautiful blogs I read! Not to say that I thought that they were put together like 1-2-3, but I didn't realise how much work needed to be put in.
Having said that, I think I'm enjoying the process in a strange way, and I shall hopefully be putting up a links page soon!
Oh, and on another note, my sister quite liked her little strawberry macaron from D'ough Espresso. Urbanspoon has its address  on Kent Street, but the one we went to was in The Galeries, so either they've moved or there's two of these places with the same name... I've suggested a change to the website, so the moderators/admin people can take a look.
D'Ough Espresso on Urbanspoon

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